Any thoughts on University of Maryland?

Hi everyone! I am a current high school junior trying to build my college list & was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on UMD? I am really interested in their Public Policy major and the campus seems really nice & diverse! I am from California so a merit scholarship would be ideal to pay for the out-of-state tuition (hopefully I get into their honors college). I am also worried about the location since I heard College Park can be a “boring” town but it is only one bus ride away from D.C. (I really want to go to college at/near a big city). Any thoughts? How is the social scene like? (is it like a traditional state college? do students seem connected?)

My stats:
GPA UW: 3.8
GPA W: 4.2
ACT: haven’t taken it but predicted to be around 32
APs: 7 + 3 honors classes

-founder/exec director of my own political organization
-national project director of an activism society
-logistics officer for my school’s Model UN
-National Honors Society
-Board member of my city’s teen philanthropy program
-congressional internship
-tutor for three years
-political intern for my county’s democratic party

UMD was on my list for a while but I took it off because there were other schools above it. Your stats seem good and you definitely have a shot at getting in. I’ve heard great things about the school and college park and there is no better place to be if you are into Public Policy. It is definitely one that should stay on your list. Go to some of their informational sessions and learn more about it!

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