Any tips for the ACT reading section?

<p>I think this is the hardest part for me and i can't figure out why! i got 30 on english, 30 on math, 25 on science, and a 22 on reading. I'm taking practice tests and reviewing the mistakes but i just can't seem to raise my score. Are there any good tips anyone can give me? I really want to raise that up at least to a 26, but it is so frustrating.</p>

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<p>this is an section taken out my my guide to outline what i did on the reading section

reading- by far the hardest for me but i ended up getting a 30
1. the key to the reading section is to read!!! spend more time reading the passage before you answer the question. wen i got a 21 the first time i took it time to analyze why i got such a low score. i realized that i spend too little time reading. as you well know there a four passgages on the reading section to do in 35 min so about 8.5 min on each section. instead on spending 2 min skimming the passage then 6 min answering question i figured that for every minute more your spend reading you will get 1-2 more questions right. for example on the prose fiction section i got a 4/10 the first time and this was achieved by skimming for 2 min and answering for 6 min. instead i throughly read it for 4 min and i answered the questions in 4 min and i got a 8/10.
2. my second tip is DONT READ THE QUESTIONS before reading the passage. you are not given enough time on the section to be using that strategy


<p>FutureENTSurgeon, I realized that reading the passage thoroughly at first is the way to go too (I wrote my first diagnostic ever without ever seeing an ACT in my life before yesterday and figured this out). BUT, I have a q. for you or anyone else. </p>

<p>For the R section, how can I cut down on time? I made 4 errors = 32 (which is so harsh compared to the SAT's curve), but I went over by 9 minutes!!! </p>

<p>I am a slow reader so reading carefully killed my time. I found the q's really easy but I messed up on some because I tried 'inferring' and stuff that the SAT would want you to do instead of doing it the ACT way and just finding the answer in the passage. </p>

<p>In the end, the q's were really easy and a -2 would be really doable BUT timing is a HUGE issue! I had only finished 3 out of 4 passages when time ran out!!!!</p>

<p>Viggy, my advice would be to read quickly but accurately. Idealy, I spend about 3 minutes reading a passage and 5 minutes answering questions. This leaves a 3 minute gap at the end of the test. However, ideal conditions are almost never met, but that general time frame keeps me set.</p>

<p>I was in your situation, though not by a 9 minute overlap, lol. I had to increase my reading speed/comprehension. What did I do? I simply read a few newspaper articles every night with a decent speed. Some people say this helps you over time to inrease your comprehension and reading speed, and it's working for me so far.</p>

<p>In short: read faster, but don't SKIM the material. just quicken the pace, don't soak in every word, and read accurately</p>

<p>^how much were you over the time limit by at first?</p>

<p>and i will try reading newspapers and a brisk pace that allows me to comprehend fully</p>

<p>at first, i was over by maybe 4~5 minutes
and yeah, that's a good idea. for me, my reading speed eventually increased.</p>