Any tips for the new APUSH exam?

My daughter says the format of the APUSH test has ben greatly changed and she needs to make a study guide/notes. She also says there are videos to review the topics that will possibly be tested, she said not all the units are being covered.

Anyone have any suggestions of where to go or how to format this study guide? She says her teacher doesn’t know all the details, it is her first year teaching, and will tell her later…

Just want to make sure she is ready.

Any thoughts?


For me (got a 4), I watched the crash course US history series and followed along in the Princeton Review book.
My class also did exercises where we would grade released DBQ/essay answers to see if our perception of “good” and “bad” answers were correct. Then we looked at what they did wrong/right.
Not sure if any of this helps your daughter but it worked for me.
Wish her good luck!