Any UC applicants still pending (other than LA or Cal)?

<p>So it's a pattern. I was one of the very last to turn in my UC application (my computer crashed 3 hours before the deadline and I had to call them -- got the deadline extended a day). They assured me my application would still be counted as being on time, and apparently it was.</p>

<p>But I have been one of the last people notified for every campus. So far I've been accepted to every campus I've heard back from, but very soon after I hear my fate, they change their website to include a link for "Transfer applicants not admitted for fall 2005" -- leading me to believe that they've finished making their decisions and mine was one of the last applications they looked at.</p>

<p>I'm still waiting on UCLA, like we all are, but also on UCSD. I'm not expecting to hear anything from either school until nearly everyone else has gotten their verdicts. THIS SUCKS!!!!!</p>

<p>Is anyone else still waiting on another campus (not UCLA or Berkeley) -- and if so, did you also turn your application in close to the deadline (or slightly past it, like me)?</p>

<p>Hey Sabrina,</p>

<p>I am still waiting from UCSD as well, but I submitted my transfer application on November 2nd (Way before the deadline). So while I am equally as distraught as you are over not hearing from UCSD yet, I don't think it has anything to do with the actual date they received your application.</p>

<p>On the upside, at least we'll both know before the end of this week. Good luck to you. I hope you get in!</p>

<p>thanks, sanven -- you too!</p>


<p>I am still waiting on UCSD too although I turned in my application a week before it was due. People have been saying that UCSD randomly picked 50% of the applicants and released their decisions last Monday while the other 50% of us will find out this Friday. I know somebody who submitted their application half an hour before it was due, so I agree with sanven 4 in that it doesn't matter what time you turned it in. </p>

<p>Good luck to all of you. I hope we all get in! :)</p>

<p>i'm in the same boat. guess we're the borderline accept/reject students :)</p>

<p>Me too...i think, for SD, it goes according 2 ur major...good luck</p>

<p>i'm not sure if they do it by major. if i'm remembering correcly, sabrina is a history major? and somebody had posted that they were admitted to ucsd as a history major. hopefully they are just doing it randomly. maybe they're doing it by major within a college? haha, that might be taking it too far...</p>