Any updates on Football recruiting?

<p>We have so far secured 24 commitments. Most analysts have Mihigan in or around the top 5 classes. I believe we can add 4 more recruits to our class. </p>

<p>Below would be my top choices in order of preference/need:</p>

<p>Wide Receiver Dorial Green-Beckham
Cornerback Yuri Wright
Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs
Offensive Tackle Joshua Garnett </p>

<p>Are we close on any of those? Am I missing any other major recruits?</p>

<p> is quick on all pertinent recruiting information. :-)</p>

<p>We're not in any sort of contention for Green-Backham. We probably lead for Wright, it's pretty much down to us and the domers. I like Wright a lot, he's a skilled guy with great size. Pretty much no shot with Diggs, he'll go south most likely unless the Urb gets to him and brings him to the dark side, but I doubt Countess will let that happen (they're best buds). We had his interest for a while but that seems to have really cooled. Garnett is down to us, Stanford, and Notre Dame. Stanford probably leads but we're right on their tail. Erik Magnuson is good friends with him so he's essentially our personal recruiter for Garnett, that would be a huge pickup to match ohio's big haul on the d-line this year. Our other possible gets are TE Sam Grant, WR Jordan Payton, CB Armani Reeves, and then we'll definitely take one more OL. That will be one of Garnett, Alex Kozan, or Jordan Diamond.</p>

<p>I am not surprised that the WRs are not interested. I expect more interest from WR in the 2013 class, in part thanks to Shane Morris. </p>

<p>Wright and Garnett would be awesome. </p>

<p>Any news on other potential recruits.</p>

<p>Armani Reeves is still considering us. Would be huge if we got him along with Yuri Wright. Would definitely bolster our secondary.</p>

<p>Landing Armani and Yuri Wright would indeed be huge considering that we already have commitments from Terry Richardson and Jarrod Wilson, two other excellent DBs.</p>

<p>I wouldn't be so disappointed on the receiving end though, some are comparing either Darboh or Chesson (not sure which one) to Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State, who will be the top WR out of the draft this year.</p>

<p>I think it is 50:50 on Reeves, Garnett and Diamond and maybe a little better on Wright. That is pretty good because you cannot have too many OL guys or too many DBs. Future needs entail DT, WR, RB and a pass-catching TE (the likes of which ND gets every year). Biggest question mark next year for UM is D-Line. Expect Pipkins to start not too many games into the season. Nationally a case can be made that the best two recruiting jobs of 2012 will end up being what Mich has done on the O-Line, and OSU on the D-Line. Mich's focus has been to set up protection for Shane Morris when he arrives (i.e. OL emphasis). Given that Toussaint will be gone not long after Morris arrives, and if Morris redshirt's freshman year, he will be walking into an unbalanced, one-dimensional and predictable offensive attack scheme unless Mich lands a top tier RB. That's why losing Dunn hurt so much. Plus they should have RSed Rawls this year--that was really a mistake to let him play only a few plays and lose the entire year eligibility at such a key position. The recruited WRs have Hemingway's height, better speed, but not his overall strength and size. That's why losing Sammy Watkins hurt so much last year.</p>

<p>Recent developments with Garnett are very promising. He showed up to the UA All American camp wearing a Michigan shirt, recently tweeted that he's adding Slippery Rock to his top schools (funny move), and implied that Michigan was leading in an ESPN interview two days ago. It's still not a sure thing as he has a Stanford visit coming up, but landing him would be huge.</p>

<p>Freshman receiver DeAnthony Arnett will now be granted a transfer from Tennessee, even to a BCS team. For those not familiar, he wants to transfer to a school close to his home (Saginaw, MI) to be near his ill father. At first, Tennessee wouldn't grant a transfer to a BCS team. </p>

<p>UMich has not been looking for another receiver, but likely would make an exception for Arnett.</p>

<p>now expect Garnett to Mich. and Yuri Wright to ND. Just my guesses.</p>

<p>Rumor has it that DeAnthony Arnett may be going to MSU.</p>

<p>WR Jordan Payton committed to Cal</p>

<p>Even though UMich didn't get Garnett or Reeves in the end (old news) and didn't want Wright, still ended up with a hell of a class. Nice to pick up Willie Henry (DT) and Dennis Norfleet (RB/Returner) in the last two days. Scout team ranking at #4 and Rivals #6.</p>

<p>Still have a good chance on Alex Kozan (OL) and Jordon Diamond (OL). Diamond announces Friday and Kozan should be around that time.</p>

<p>It was too bad about Wright. It really seemed like Michigan was his top choice before those tweets ruined his life.</p>