Any value in taking SATIIs during Senior Year?


<p>I just recently took the Math 2 and Chem test last week and i was thinking about possibly taking a few others. However I am a Junior in Highschool so I also have to take the SAT by the end of this year. </p>

<p>So my main question is: Is there any value in taking sat subject tests during your senior year. Will colleges even see the results or even know if i took any tests?</p>

<p>If there was value in taking subject tests my senior year, then I can focus on getting a high SAT score this year. </p>

<p>Hopefully my question made sense. If any clarification is needed please ask. </p>


<p>Depending on where you apply and if you applying Early or Regular decision, you can take the subject tests as late as the January test date. I am a senior who applied regular decision, and all of the schools I applied to accepted the January SAT test administration. I noted on my Common App that I intended to take the subject tests at a later date, so the colleges know that they will receive the required materials in a few weeks. I actually just received a likely letter from Dartmouth before they ever received my SAT Subject Test scores, so it is possible that colleges may make a decision before they ever see your scores! However, I would advise taking all standardized tests prior to the application deadline. (Aka, don't wait till the last minute like me.)</p>