Any way I can get into UCONN?

Hi. I am out of state from NJ. My stats are low and ik UCONN is competitive but there is always hope.

3.4 W 1110 SAT
Applied for nutrition major and a backup major of undecided.

Thanks in advanced ! :slight_smile:

its not that competitive you have a very good chance.

The average SAT is about 1350 and the average GPA is about 3.7. With a 50% admissions rate, it’s unlikely you’ll be accepted. I recommend doing some studying and retake the SAT. With a competitive SAT score, it could make up for the GPA.

Why U Conn?

Do you have a low FAFSA EFC?

If you apply to a NJ public, you might get a state grant, in addition to Pell Grant, and with your student loan it might be affordable.

OOS tuition at U Conn without a scholarship might be unaffordable.

Those stats are lowish for UConn. Though I’m not sure how popular that major is, so maybe there is a chance? I also wonder why you wouldn’t apply to your own state uni.