Any Way to Get Academic Renewal @ Chico State?

I attended Chico state for a very long and horrible year 2014-2015. Since then I have completely turned around my academic commitment after a long break.

I did really badly in Chico, and it is really affecting my overall gpa as I get ready to transfer. (Current community gpa = 3.5; gpa with Chico = 2.4) there is only one course that I would need to take to satisfy my IGETC if I were to get those two semesters at Chico stricken from my record.

The problem is when I look at their academic policies, they only seem to offer Academic renewal if you need it for graduation. This doesn’t apply to me because I know I won’t be going back to Chico State. Does anyone know any way around this?
Thanks all in advance!

Have you tried contacting Chico state admissions and ask what you can do?