Any way to play PS2 on my computer monitor?

<p>I don't want to spend $$ on a tv. Is there a way I can play video games on my computer monitor?</p>

<p>Get a tv tuner for your computer....</p>

<p>get a component > vga adapter.</p>

<p>What they said. I would recommend a tuner card, since you can watch tv with it, too. But a component to vga would work fine as well.</p>

<p>No, a tuner will cause a delay, get an adapter.</p>

<p>Delay? Do you have any personal experience with this? Because as far as I know, a tuner with the component feeds for video editing should work just fine.</p>

<p>A tv tuner w/ a hardware encoder will definitely cause delay. One without one will not, but will be much poorer quality. Losing either way, I'd say go with an adapter but a good one will run around $80... may as well get a tv.</p>

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<p>theres no reason to get a tv tuner to connect to console/player</p>



<p>Yeah the tuner idea is stupid (no offense meant to those who suggested it) since you can just plug directly into your computer monitor. If your monitor has multiple inputs, that would be ideal. Some come with s-video or component video inputs, which would be perfect for a game console. If not, having two VGA or Digital inputs would work, since one could be plugged into your comp and the other could be used for the game console via an adaptor</p>

<p>I have 2 PS2's right now, one connected to my TV and the other to my comp. Here's the product I have:</p>

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<p>Would an adapter work on a laptop?</p>

<p>Yes. It depends. Usually.</p>

<p>My friend got a good adapter for like 10 or 15 bucks, but he took a risk by buying it from some sketchy company in Hong Kong.</p>

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<p>when you get it install everything (comes with disk)and play but be sure before you open the program that you have your system ps2 ps3 xbox....... turned on first or it will not show up but thats the only problem with this program</p>

<p>I can verify that tuners can cause a delay, by the way. I had it happen to me doing something similar.</p>