Any ways to help get rid of homesickness?

<p>I just moved into a 2 bedroom apartment and my roommate hasnt gotten here yet. I'm not sure if it would be any different with him here though. But anyone got any ideas to get over loneliness and homesickness? I cant visit my friends much anymore because i live about 10-15 min driving distance from them since they all live on campus.</p>

<p>I've just been feeling like I made a huge mistake living off campus with only 1 other person. Especially when my roommate wont be arriving till tomorrow afternoon, i feel so lonely here and i can't stop thinking about it. I've tried playing games and watching tv episodes but they dont really help me much.</p>

<p>Anyone got any tips on how to get through this feeling and if it will pass? I'm even seriously considering breaking my lease or finding a way to sublet so that i can move on campus. maybe im just not used to the apartment yet but i really feel like i made a terrible decision.</p>

<p>"I cant visit my friends much anymore because i live about 10-15 min driving distance from them since they all live on campus."</p>

<p>A 10-15 minute drive is not far at all. Just go hangout with your friends.</p>

<p>i say try to communicate with people back home whenever you can! I feel really home sick at the moment. I am 7.5 hours away from home and it hurts badly</p>

<p>You can't drive 10-15 minutes to campus??</p>

<p>Think of this move as the opportunity to have a new adventure. These first few days are about you. What do you want to eat? Where do you want to walk? What is in the neighborhood? How do you want to use the space in the apt? This kind of privacy and exploration is rare in college and young adult life. Enjoy some "nesting"... fixing up your new place. Get comfortable with yourself in the new space.
Then drive over to campus to visit your friends. You may find that it is nice to get back to your comfy "pad" once you have socialized. Your new place may start to grow on you as you fix it up and share it with your friend. Don't bale yet! You have only just begun.</p>

<p>What a sad look in your eyes… you, ThugFish. You must be homesick. That’s nothing you need to be ashamed of. Anybody who is on a long trip will miss home. In this case, the best thing to do is to call home and hear your mom’s voice.</p>

<p>I have no idea why i'm having renters regret so bad right now. I know its only a 10-15 min drive up to campus where my friends are, but it looks to me like a 200 mile drive. I just feel like i made the biggest mistake of my life moving off campus and i duno if that's true or i'm just still homesick right now. I also don't handle change that well so that might be one of the reasons why i feel so ****ty.</p>

<p>Here are a few ideas:</p>

<p>--go explore your new neighborhood! Take a few random walks, try out some of the neighborhood businesses. Buy coffee at a local spot, and a paper, and sit for a while.
Find the local library and get a library's also a good place to study when you don't feel like being on campus and find being home too distracting!</p>

<p>--go down to campus and say hi to your friends. Have a couple of friends who live on campus help you plan a housewarming party for your new digs. That way they will learn that the street runs in both directions!</p>

<p>Thanks for all the help guys, ill try adapting to the change. I duno how its gonna go but ill try it out for a quarter at least. Hopefully i wont have to resort to talking to the landlord in letting me out early off the lease and moving back on campus, but at the moment i feel like id be much happier living on campus especially cuz my cousin and friends are all there. Thanks for the tips though, ill try all of them to see if i feel any better.</p>