any webbies wishing to share?

<p>Hey Im a sophmore in High school and considering Webb....<br>
I would love to hear from a current student or recent grad on anything and everything... Such as how you like the small population? classload? anything?<br>

<p>My sons are 11th and 12th graders at Webb. They also applied to and were accepted by Cate and Thacher. </p>

<p>The most important factor to them is the small population - by the end of 10th grade they knew every student and teacher. They both like the food in the dining hall. Dorms are all single occupant rooms with a few exceptions, and there is competition for the double rooms.</p>

<p>They have both taken six classes each semester (several honors and APs) and don't find the work load to be excessive - - there is still time for varsity sports and a social life. Most Webbies do well on the SATs.</p>

<p>My 12th grader was ED accepted to Harvey Mudd. The 11th grader is in the low 200's on the PSAT and expects about 2250 on the SAT.</p>

<p>Excuse my ignorance, but did you say your sons are attending webb institute (for Naval architecture and Marine Engineering) as high school students?</p>

<p>I thought that you were asking about Webb School in California.</p>

<p>Webb Institute in Glen Cove, NY (Long Island) is a highly technical college which gives a 4-year program in a double major - Marine Engineering/Navel Architecture - for each of approximately 25 students each year. The students have a lot of energy and work hard, and do have a good social life, even with the small size. Apart from the local environment on the North Shore of L.I., many students find attractions within reach in Manhattan on weekends - a short drive away, or via the L.I. Railroad ~1hr. ride.</p>

<p>Classload is high, but the students manage to have fun, still. Its a very tight-knit group.
See: Webb</a> Institute of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering | Student Life</p>