Anybody buy a car locally from Ebay Motors?

<p>Looking for a car for DS. Just realized today that there are a lot of cars sold locally (here in the Austin, Texas area) on Ebay -- not only cars sold by individuals, but cars sold at auction by some of the large dealerships here. The prices look really good and nearly all of them have Carfax or a similar "vehicle history report" available. Just wondering if anybody has bought an Ebay car -- not where you have to drive to another state to pick it up, sight unseen, but rather from a local dealership or auction company.</p>

<p>My eBay auto purchases have all been OOS ... and all worked out fine. For local purchases you might consider austin</a> cars & trucks - all classifieds - craigslist</p>

<p>NewHope -- Yes, we're checking out Craigslist too, but I like the fact that the cars on Ebay Motors have that vehicle history report . . . it at least gives you some idea on where the car has been registered, if it's been in any reported accidents, etc.</p>

<p>I've bought a boat on eBay and I considered cars which were listed there for our last vehicle purchase last fall. But we wound up finding the car we ultimately bought on Autotrader, which I find to be a really excellent resource.</p>

<p>^ I like AutoTrader too, though for some reason vehicles that entice me to travel OOS are more often on eBay ... I'm unsure why.</p>

<p>^^ Yes, it's both convenient and comforting when the seller posts the CarFax with the ad. But it's inexpensive to purchase a CarFax report yourself. Keep that in mind if you find a vehicle that seems perfect for you but doesn't have a seller-provided report.</p>

<p>I bought my 1999 Lexus on Ebay OOS and am still driving it. Its about 50% off when I bought it 2 years old, a good price compared to local walk-ins. Make sure you have a local thrid party inspector to look out for you before you pay the total amount. Even that, the local inspector will not look close enough for your benefit. They missed a ding which is obvious in the back panel, but was not really unacceptable.</p>