Anybody care to read my essay?

<p>I'd appreciate it.</p>

<p>sure pm me</p>

<p>sure, i'll read it</p>

<p>I'll read it</p>

<p>sure pm me!</p>

<p>me too.
wanna trade?</p>

<p>sure, i will!</p>

<p>I'll read.</p>

<p>I'd be more than happy to give it a read.</p>

<p>i'd love to read it.</p>

<p>I would love too as well... PM me!</p>

<p>pm me id love to read it</p>

<p>sure pm me.....</p>

<p>of course! just pm me!</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>You can PM it to me maybe after you've edited it. (after listening to all the above people's suggestions!)</p>

<p>I'll take a look</p>

<p>Yo right here PM Me</p>

<p>i'll read it pm me. i'll be glad to help</p>

<p>PM me... I will try to help.</p>

<p>I'd like to read it :)</p>