Anybody else despise the online application?

<p>RD applicant here. The online Columbia app offers me absolutely no room to write anything of substance for the short answers! Am I excessively longwinded by nature, or are others having this problem? Seriously, I may need to switch to paper.</p>

<p>I didn't end up switching to paper, but I agree. </p>

<p>Especially when it gives you three separate line fields instead of a textbox. What the hell is up with that?</p>

<p>it does save some mail-getting-lost worries</p>

<p>yea but i agree, it's so limiting!</p>

<p>ME! I gave up on it and did the app by paper. It was much too frustrating.</p>

<p>Advantage: I got to write a nice hearty "why columbia" (freakish will attest) whereas all the online foo's had to split their already short statement into multiple lines.</p>

<p>yea i figured they can't really blame you for writing inadequate answers if they dont give you enough room</p>

<p>i applied online and now i feel like i really didnt give adequate answers to the why columbia and most meaningful activities question..
do you think adcoms realize that we're at a disadvantage with so little room?</p>

<p>and for the why columbia question i wrote nothing about the cliche core and nyc..
i wrote bout why columbia would personally enrich me with the opportunities that the community impact program offers.</p>