Anybody else experience this?

<p>Is there a really big gap in how your friends view academics/college admissions and how you view it (as a result of College Confidential)?</p>

I’d always thought that I was an average to high student but after CC, I think I’m unsuccessful.</p>

<p>So when my friends don’t know what a reach school is or have GPAs under a 3.0…I’m in utter shock.</p>

<p>Same thing here. I stand out among my friends in academic superiority, so when we all checked our SAT II scores today, some of my friends received scores in the mid-high 600s that they were super happy about, I saw that I got a score in the low 700-s and felt like it was only okay. There’s a big disparity between us but most of us are cool with it - when I get a grade like a C or something my friends joke about it saying “What?! You don’t just give a C to onerepublic96!”</p>

<p>I noticed it’s more the guys who are more competitive and cutthroat as well as Asians…my non-Asian friends don’t really care about grades and b**** all day long when I rage over an A-</p>

<p>Also, my non-Asian friends mostly want to go to UGA (live in GA). For the Asians it’s all about hahvahd. Not gonna lie I fall within the typical Asian category in my school</p>

<p>Yeah. As one of many examples, my school doesn’t offer as many AP options, so while most of my friends feel like taking one or two AP classes is crazy I’m jealous that I won’t have taken 9 or 10 by the time I graduate like a handful of people I see here.</p>

<p>Yeah. Most kids in Texas only apply to Texas schools, so most don’t even know about subject tests. Most of my friends are getting in the 1800-1900 range for the SAT (which isn’t bad at all). But, I know where I’m applying, so while a 2260 is a good score, I know that it isn’t that great for Yale. Most of my friends think I’m a “shoo-in.” They don’t really know much about top-tier competitiveness.</p>

<p>CC hasn’t really changed my standards much, it more or less solidified it. I have friends who don’t go on CC and are really high achieving, though, regardless of their race. I just happen to find that Asians in general are more concerned with school?</p>

<p>@Yakisoba - Your post is really relatable haha. I’m Asian, and I’m not really all about Harvard but I’m completely obsessed with Stanford, which I believe just surpassed Harvard in lowest acceptance rate for research universities this year…
But yeah, a lot of my friends are all for this local SUNY school. In all fairness, it’s a decent school, just not what I would necessarily strive for.</p>

<p>My best friend is exactly like me in this aspect, but I can count on one hand the number of students considering out-of-state schools (excluding athletes getting scholarships), and they don’t want to go out of state for a prestigious school, just mediocre schools like Drake University (IA) or Avila University (MO).</p>

<p>I felt pretty good with my 30 ACT but knew I could do better. I couldn’t talk about wanting to retake for a 32 because everyone thought I was crazy, since a 23 or 24 is considered outstanding to students at my school, even high achieving ones.</p>

<p>yesss! haha :P</p>

<p>Definitely… but I don’t think its that much because of CC - I mostly just find people with similar attitudes and goals in here. I’m aiming high because I know I have to, if I’m to go to uni in US at all - I’m an international student who needs financial aid (loads of it), which puts me at a big disadvantage and I know that excelling at school is the only way how I can afford education in the US (or anywhere else for that matter). My other friends don’t have these issues, so they are happy with lower grades, scores etc</p>

<p>YES!!! I go to a school full of idiots (not sugar-coating it much)! My counselor was dumbfounded when I told her I was taking precalc as a freshman.
CC is mainly used (at least so I see) by those serious about high school/college admissions. Thus, CC is filled of people who actually do well and/or seem smart. CC solidifies my concept of the overachieving high schooler.
None of my friends can relate to my nerdiness. Oh how I wish I went to a semi-smart school (I’m like the only <em>smart</em> Asian at the school… Yes my school has dumb Asians!)
(^^^ the same thing happens to me. Everyone thinks I’ll easily get into Harvard/Stanford/wherever.)</p>

<p>I’m in the same boat as you guys! I’m having trouble connecting with my friends who are really nice but could care less about learning. In the math team I am the only girl and highest performer although in a lower grade compared to everyone. I often feel like a loser/out of place because I want to have a real intelligent conversation!!! How do you get through this? Any suggestions welcome</p>

<p>In my small town I’m seen as a genius guaranteed Harvard admission. But honestly compared to the real world, us on cc realistically have as good a chance as anyone else who is smart.</p>

<p>^ Same…that’s why I spend so much time on CC.</p>

<p>^^^ that’s the problem with being with less-intelligent peers. I went to a HG (highly gifted) program middle school, so being nerdy and having intelligent conversations was the norm. The middle school feeds into three different high schools and I ended up at the one with only a few/lower end of the HG class.
That’s why I use CC; it’s a community of like-minded and significantly more intelligent people. Just don’t fall to the mentality of “if you can’t beat them, join them” :grinning:.</p>

<p>Eh, idk. Some people seem to be totally clueless and think they’re only going to apply to Ivy Leagues, though they’ve done nothing. My school is pretty good about dispensing information about safeties and stuff. After all, apparently 85% go to 4 yr colleges after graduation …</p>

<p>It’s so funny haha I feel like this a lot. So many kids have no idea what they are talking about regarding admissions to colleges at my school. They have no idea what I mean when I ask what their reaches, matches, and safeties are. And everyone is applying to out of state colleges that they have a small chance of getting into and they have no idea how much they are going to cost. Ugh. And I feel so stupid compared to the people on here. Lol I considered myself above average until I came on here.</p>

<p>A bit of advice boys…the people that get into the Ivy League don’t spend a lot of time on CC and certainly don’t bash their peers</p>



<p>Lol, of course they do…they just don’t put it down as one of their extracurriculars.</p>

<p>I’m definitely more knowledgeable about college admissions than people from my school are, but that’s because I’m applying to selective colleges and they aren’t. They don’t have any need for college admissions knowledge, and most of them are going to be fine. </p>

<p>I’m applying to selective colleges because I care more about academics than they do. I care more about academics than they do because I’m shyer than they are. I was never able to connect with others the way they did, so I read books and acquired knowledge instead. I’m glad I turned out how I did, but I don’t really feel personally responsible for it.</p>

<p>@ocm2014 Oh the hypocrisy…</p>