Anybody else having UCF CHEM problems?

Our D has a >3.5 average at UCF, but had an incredibly bad Chem prof in the Fall and had to withdraw from the class. He has a rating below 2/5, and is the reason we now know to check Rate My Professor before enrolling.

She was going to retake the class online in the Summer, but the Chem department first changed the course number, then apparently canceled the course altogether.

So now she can’t take the class and that trashes her CHEM curriculum for the ENTIRE ACADEMIC YEAR! We can’t register for any Chem courses because that one is a pre-req.

She’s in a very Chem-heavy curriculum, and this is REALLY messing her up.

And the worst part is nobody in the Chem office seems to care – they’re just, “Oh well…”

Anybody else having Chem problems at UCF?