Anybody else worried about paying for U of M?

<p>Any other OOS students who feel like they/their family's going to become broke after going to the U of M?
How much are all of you guys paying per year?</p>

<p>Also, has anybody's tuition rose? Before i enrolled, my tuition was a decent price, taht's why I decided to come, but now it seems to have risen a lot..</p>

<p>Tuition is going to rise every single year. That is completely expected.</p>

<p>Something weird happened though..
Back in May, according to wolverineaccess, I was supposed to pay in the low 20k's per year.
But now on wolverineaccess, they're syaing that I need to pay 24k for the fall semester..</p>

<p>Well if they are randomly doubling your tuition, that's gonna be something you'll want to call FinAid and ask about. Why the hell would we know why your tuition doubled?</p>

<p>OOS tuition and fees is a little under 38,000. Room and board is 9,000-11,000. So that seems right to me for a person with no aid.</p>

<p>I would call financial aid directly to talk about your specific situation.</p>

<p>Hi GPeaceTea</p>

<p>I think there was an ~6% increase in tuition announced by the Michigan state government this summer. We just got our final bill reflecting this increase a couple of weeks ago. We are OOS parents. We are expecting annual (hopefully not this much) increases each year, Simply reflects the dismal economic state the US is in these days</p>

<p>Perhaps the OP's FAFSA/CSS PROFILE numbers changed after filing corrected tax return information? </p>

<p>Estimates can change, but that is absurd. </p>

<p>It's easy for a FAFSA EFC to be way off what the PROFILE shows in terms of income. Always good to explain to Fin Aid office any unusual family circumstances and back it up with proof, if need be. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>^Gpeace, unless you're in state, there's no way your cost for a year would be in the low 20s. The cost of attendances OOS is, as jupiter said, $38k plus room and board at 9-11k.</p>

<p>If you are expecting scholarships and loans and meant that the BALANCE would be in the 20s, that's one thing. The bill will show the full cost until your FAid is in.</p>

<p>They have probably not factored in your financial aid on the bill. Look under the "financial aid" tab and look at "2012", then deduct the amount of financial aid for Fall 2011 from your bill. The result is what you will have to pay for the coming fall semester.</p>

<p>I'm dumb.
I realized that the pending aid hasn't been subtracted, neither has the loans, etc.
Price came out much cheaper than original, but still calling tomorrow to make sure I have everything correct.
Thanks for all your help.</p>

<p>Remember that when you achieve over 55 credits you are charged the upper division tuition even though you might now be a soph. They count those AP credits as well.</p>

<p>Getting over $45k in scholarships and aid OOS. No worries.</p>

<p>Wow. That's awesome!</p>