Anybody for Pratt Institute Fashion Design Fall 2018?

I recently have been accepted to Pratt Institute for the Fashion Design major, and wanted to know who else on this site got in and is planning on attending?! I actually only applied to Pratt, simply because that was the only school I felt would suit me well, and this is honestly my dream school. So I am definitely going. Anybody else?

are u still there? i got in!

That’s so great! :slight_smile: So have you decided if that’s where you’re going?

@celinjolieb im having trouble which school should i go. i didnt get a merit-based scholarship from Pratt. and im still waiting for FIT. but pratt is my top choice!!

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. :slight_smile: Does FIT give merit based scholarships? I didn’t end up applying there, so I can’t remember what I had read about if they do scholarships beyond financial aid. I applied EA for Pratt, so I think that may be why I ended up getting a merit based scholarship because my portfolio was definitely not that great, neither my GPA. I’m just waiting to hear back about financial aid because these expensive colleges make me nervous! Also, good luck with FIT- I really hope you get in!!!

@celinjolieb nooo i’m still waiting the decision. plus, i’m an international applicant so i couldnt apply for the FAFSA or any other financial aid… wow you got a merit-based scholarship!! thats so great.
think FIT is competitive as Pratt was… well thank you so much!!