Anybody has interviewed Morgan Stanley?

<p>hi guys, i've got a on campus interview for the summer analyst intern for financial control group. just wanna know what kind of questions they will ask, like more quantitative questions, fiancial market trend or more about the resume. anybody would like to share the experience? thanks a lot!</p>

<p>FCG is Accounting. Fancy name really. Brush up on your accounting</p>

<p>FCG is not accounting. Just work on behavioral questions. Let them know a specific product that your really interested in; like commodities.</p>

<p>Anyone know what final rounds are like there? </p>

<p>Going for an interview wednesday, any help would be appreciated.</p>

<p>depends on which position , Ive given technology based intern interviews with them , around 4 interviews , group activities and just general lunch with associates sorta stuff. If any of u are giving software or technology based interviews check out <a href=""&gt;;/a> its a great resource.</p>

<p>FCG definitely is not Accounting, just went through the 2nd rounds, it involved 2 interviews and a group activity. Waiting to hear back this coming week.</p>

<p>back from first round, just went through the resume and certain behavior questions. so how about the final round? i guess there will be a lot of tech. questions. any body would like to share the experience? thanks~</p>

<p>Theres never tech questions unless you are applying for asset management, or ibanking. I just told you what the final round is.</p>