Anybody know Emory's Deferral Acceptance Rate?

<p>I think the title says it all - Does anybody know Emory's deferral acceptance rate?</p>

<p>It should be lower than the RD acceptance rate but I can't find it anywhere. I don't know if I was flat-out rejected or deferred but based on the "links theory", I didn't get in.</p>

<p>~ Brett</p>

<p>According to the opus theory I didn't get in either...</p>

<p>Neither did my D.

<p>Don't be too concerned about the OPUS theory. I remember people last year that got in but didn't have those links when others saw them (this was RD though, not that it makes a difference probably).</p>

<p>i dont have the statistics but my guidance counselor said it is VERY possible and very common to get in RD after being deferred (and you definitely should not assume yet that you have been anyways, jax is right!)!</p>

<p>Well... I don't have the links, a number/ID, an Emory E-mail address and can't log into learnlink or the blackboard... soooo I'd say it's over. At an Emory infosession, a rep said that for early decision, you're usually either accepted or rejected and only in rare cases are people deferred... --Filling out other apps - sigh--</p>

<p>~ Brett</p>