Anybody know how fee-waivers work in California?

<p>Anybody know how fee-waivers work in the state of california? I was wondering what was the minimum income to qualify, and is there a limit to how many units you can earn?</p>

<p>Right now I'm a college graduate but want to continue on and pursue grad school.</p>

<p>The only fee waiver I'm aware of is the Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver. It is only for use at CCCs:
CCCApply</a> - Money - BOG Fee Waiver</p>

<p>The income ceilings are set exceptionally low (poverty and below):
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<p>I am not aware of any fee waivers for graduate school in California that are funded by California. I have heard of application fee waivers for graduate schools in California, but no fee waivers that I have heard of and nothing that a quick google search to confirm this turns up.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info.</p>

<p>What I mean for BOGW fee-waiver is, I am currently taking some classes at a community college and later in the future plan on attending university for graduate school. Is there a maximum limit of units I can have that would disqualify me for BOGW fee waiver at a community college? If I add up the units I earned at the university, and community colleges I've attended I currently have about 125 units earned total from my academic history.</p>

<p>Your post was worded in a way that suggested you were asking about fee waivers for grad school, not BOG at CCCs. It would have been more helpful if you had mentioned that you needed the information for CCC purposes.</p>

<p>BOG does not currently have a maximum cut off for units that I am aware of or that a google search through several CCC websites yield.</p>

<p>Do a search on this document for "BOG" and it shows that BOG is excluded from losing your financial aid eligibility for not meeting SAP:
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<p>Considering it's state funded, the rules should be consistent throughout the CCCs.</p>