Anybody Last year got accepted after being waitlisted?

<p>Please post your stats here if you were one of those who got waitlisted and then got accepted.
If that happened to were that lucky 15-20% of the waitlist.</p>


<p>A girl from our school was waitlisted last year; was apparently told there was a good chance she'd make the cut because she was near the top of the list; she did not get in; broke her heart. Gotta love thy safety! Good Luck!</p>

<p>don't get mad at me but....</p>

<p>has anyone ever thought of just not accepting being put on a waitlist out of principle. we were lucky to be accepted but here is my thought...if more kids refused to be made to wait for months to find out this, maybe colleges would stop taking them for granted. for some reason, it really offends me that schools expect so many families to be in limbo. i know i should not be saying this for fear of them figuring out who i am ...but think about it this way:</p>

<p>you have to accept another school, spend money that you would lose if you get off the list and then you don't have fa, much choice in dorms or even a dorm, and you kind of feel not part of all the rest of it. ranting cause i am expecting the waitlist at another school and very torn about it all. almost everyone would unite and say forget this waitlist stuff cause it is only fair to the school and no one else.</p>

<p>2007mom. The waitlist is not meant to keep people hanging. Think of it more as a deferral. Only when they receive word from accepted students whether they will be taking their place in the school will they know how many openings they will have. </p>

<p>What I would would suggest to all students and parents is if they know they will not be accepting a position at a school that they notify them immediately to make room for others. For example, if student has been accepted to XYZ University and also UNC, and still waiting for other decisions, but they absolutely know that they will attend XYZ over UNC, then they should let UNC know now. I am not saying that this is for everyone, just those that are certain to go to another school with acceptance already in hand. We know that there are many students that have applied to multiple schools (I remember reading about someone that had applied to 15 schools) and have been accepted at their top and second choice EA. If this is the case, then call those schools you will not be going to and tell them, "thanks, but no thank you, please offer my position to someone else." This issue is especially true with top public schools. The superstar students will apply to UNC as safeties or match, and also apply to top private schools with the thought that if I get into HYPS, then UNC is not needed. </p>

<p>The complications come when they are still awaiting for FA decisions from different schools in order to make up their minds. Perhaps this is what we should be pushing. But if FA is not an issue, parents please have your students let the schools know that they will not be attending.</p>

<p>2007mom - the school is presenting folks with an option, that's all. It's up to the student/parent to make the risk/reward trade-off decision. For some, School X is their "Dream School" and they'll decide how much additional emotional/financial effort they're willing to expend. The school has to manage to an admissions number. Now, to your point, if everyone boycotted the concept of wait-list, the schools would under enroll. They'd err, I'm sure, going forward on admitting a few more, but not going over the statistical max. Everyone would lose.</p>

<p>i know of a kid who was accepted in early august to UNC off waitlist and decided to go. I think it is very rare though.</p>

<p>I still can't believe I have to wait two/three more months to find out. I just wished they had denied/rejected me!</p>