anybody miss high school?

<p>I am a second semester freshman at a local community college and I really miss high school. It is so depressing when i have to work hard to keep up with my high school friends. there are quite a few who are going to the same college as me and i know several kids that come home every weekend, but it isn't the same. I loved high school. I was 4th in my class and was well liked by almost everyone. i was never affected by the infamous cliques of high school and hung out with many different people. I miss walking down the hall and knowing almost everyone i saw. One of my favorite things used to be getting to school half an hour early so that i could get the same parking spot every day. What i really miss are my teachers. I loved to chat with them after school or during study hall. i would spend my free periods in the science teacher's lounge hearing about all their crazy lives outside of school. I spent the entire afternoon in the technology department. i would be in the computer lab, wood shop, or automotive shop from luchtime until well after school had ended working on projects or just discussing politics with the teachers. it was always funny when i would walk into the main office and the principal, vice principal, and secretary would greet me by name. I loved going into my guidance counselor's office and talking about college and whatnot. I loved the freedom i had, the ability to walk down the halls or go out to my car without anyone questioning it, not that i don't have that now. One of my favorite things i did was to get a few friends together and go "get parts" for out automotive class during the school day. our favorite parts stores were subway and mcdonald's. it was so much fun to come back to our class after an hour or more with a subway soda and set it on the workbench and get back to work. I had an A in that class all year too, the teacher was the best.
I guess my main argument is that college is supposed to give you all these new freedoms and i don't see any of them. The only thing i like is that i can make my own schedule. My parents don't live at home any more and pretty much let me do whatever i wanted all throughout high school. I was responsible but never had a curfew or anything like that. I am really disappointed in college and feel it is much less social then high school as all my friends are gone. I am transferring to a four year school and living on campus, so maybe i will be more social then. Does anyone else feel this way? Why do so many people hate high school?</p>

<p>I miss having friends, but I don't miss all the pettiness (and I'm referring to the teachers, not the students). </p>

<p>I don't really miss high school that much. When I look back on it, I just think of all the wasted potential and wish I could hit do over. Then again, I wouldn't have met all the amazing people I've encountered at community college:)</p>

<p>see, i really loved high school. the teachers were so forgiving. if i didn't have the work, they would usually give me time to get it to them, even if their syllabus said no late work. i think my potential peaked in high school and i am now going downhill school-wise. i guess it is impossible to stop change though.</p>

<p>HELL no.</p>

<p>High school sucks.</p>

<p>^Second that</p>

<p>I did when I first started college. Mostly because I had no idea what the hell I wanted to do with my life, so it was kinda scary and I missed the familiarity of high school. Now though? I don't miss it one bit. I hated most of my high school experience and would never do it again. It was a tiny, very cliquish private high school which definitely didn't help. It just sucks, high school is probably the worst time in many people's lives, there were a few times where I seriously thought I'd rather be dead than keep going to that hell hole. </p>

see, i really loved high school. the teachers were so forgiving. if i didn't have the work, they would usually give me time to get it to them, even if their syllabus said no late work.


<p>You can't stay in high school forever. Employers aren't gonna say "oh, you're 5 minutes late every day, that's okay" or "oh, you didn't file that report on time and now the board of directors is chewing my ass out, don't worry about it."</p>

<p>I don't miss high school. I regret some things like not trying out for certain sports or not being more sociable.</p>

<p>This mortal soul. I can relate. I went to a small private grade school and hated it. I go to a public high school and it is so much better.</p>

<p>I miss the work from high school lol. If college had high school work it would be soooooooooooooooooo awesome</p>

<p>^Really? I had a lot more work in high school, but it was all pointless busy work. I prefer the college workload- everything has a point and there's less of it, so I can spend more time on each assignment.</p>

<p>^ What college do you go to?</p>

<p>I miss some classes/people from high school....and some of the activities.....but yeah, most of it sucked so college ftw lol.</p>

<p>I think you peaked.</p>

<p>Its all downhill after high school.</p>

<p>I agree with Princess. I much prefer the work I do in college. Admittedly that might be because I'm studying what I WANT to study. </p>

<p>"Its all downhill after high school."</p>

<p>Totally disagree... I think it only gets better and better.</p>

<p>I loved high school, and posted a similar thread myself last semester.</p>

<p>With that said, my courses this semester are way better and that's a big step up for sure.</p>

<p>I think perhaps it is because you are attending a community college.
I am dual enrolled at a CC myself while a senior in high school. The level of interaction between students is almost negligible. When I'm asked where I'm going after high school, all I have as a definitive response is "not the local cc." </p>

<p>I have a few friends in college and the majority of them appreciate it much more than they did high school. Everybody has some good high school memories, but in the majority of circumstances, college will be a better time as you develop intellectually and socially. </p>

<p>Once you are off at your 4 year school it should be better. I can't say for sure it will be everything you dreamed, as you may initially feel like a misfit in a new university where a lot of people are established and know one another. Jumping into a 4 year right out of high school seems like the best plan if you really want to enjoy all the college years to their fullest.</p>

<p>My last year of high school was one of the happiest years of my life (retrospec) well atleast I remember, I prolly just forget the struggle that I faced back then. I missed it bad my first semester of college. It was just the wave of being in a new environment, new (more of lack of) rules, new/more/older people around, etc. But I grew out of it quickly and loved my first semester of college. Classes got harder but became more interesting (as throughout my whole experience) It didn't matter what you did, no one yelling at you to go to class or no more having to hide out from hall monitors lol. No one cared if you skip. Its fun to reminisce sometimes on if I could go back with the knowledge and wisdom I have now.</p>

<p>I loathed my high school. LOATHED. I despised nearly everyone except a small group of friends, and I hated literally all of my teachers. I went to one of those "preppy-jock" high schools that was dominated by a large football and cheerleading scene. Ironic how my high school had a cheerleading scandal considering the scandal that went down here at Penn State. I know PSU is a large football school, but at least the people here are much more normal and sane than those in high school.</p>

<p>I miss certain aspects. Very few though. I miss the group of friends and seeing them everyday because staying close has been hard. But other than that I prefer collage. Even though I live with my parents I still feel way more independent. Also, the class hours are so much nicer and working on stuff can happen whenever it works for me. Oh, and 2.50 lunches. Even at there worst 2.50 is a steal of a deal.</p>

<p>high school blew dick</p>