Anybody out there interested in Birmingham Southern


<p>I just asked the mods to set up Birmingham Southern College on the site. Is there anyone there who plans to apply or has already been accepted?</p>

<p>ya i got accepted without applying</p>

<p>What ? You got accepted without applying ?
You must be on crack or something man!
I sent in my app. like a month ago. No word yet about anything.
Its a very quiet College. No matter how many emails you send they are happy to not reply. Stupid!</p>

<p>I applied to Birmingham-Southern on Jan. 11, and I swear that my admissions counselor called me within a week and told me that I had been accepted. I have had nothing but good experiences with the college so far. Whenever I have had a question, I have gotten a response back within at least two days. It seems strange to me that you are having so much trouble with the school. They seem to be the friendliest and most helpful school that I have visited yet.</p>