Anybody Reading CC A Current or Past Student/Parent of Student

<p>I have a few questions. Can anyone tell me more about the surrounding area? Can you get to a mall, movie, restaurant, retail shops by foot, public transit, college shuttles? Also, how far from the closest airport and does the school have transportation to the airport on holidays? Thanks.</p>

<p>Restaurants--There are a few close in, most notably the Station is a nice Pizza place and bar. Witt also built a nice little hangout bar in the student center, which is really a good idea when you think about it--moderate drinking prevails and with student ID,no underage consumption. The university also has a couple of coffee/snack shops that are nice and quiet. Buffalo Wild Wings is walking distance maybe a half mile or so,but I would caution walking to it with anything but a large group and some guys in the group....The university is heavily patrolled,but areas immediately surrounding it to the south and east are old rental housing with some crime issues. The malls are definitely a drive to destination of 2 miles or so. Even then,it is middle class stores and not the high end stuff. The Greene [mall] in Greene county has nice stores and restaurants and I am sure that Springfield does as well,but you would need to ferret them out.
If I seem a little vague about this, it is because we are only an hour from Springfield and d has a car. The Witt kids who have cars generally help those who do not by taking them to the store. Airports are Columbus and Dayton Columbus is 45 mins and Dayton 30 mins. You could also ask these questions to the admissions department and I am certain that they could answer them. I have never spoken to anyone who works for Witt who is too busy to help me out in a very nice way.
So--- Is Witt the final choice,or are you still looking?</p>