Anyone able to switch Bama Bound from Jun 13th-14th to 15-16th?

<p>D is scheduled for Jun 15-16 Bama Bound but found out this past wkend she'll be going to TN Jun 10-12th, so we're trying to get her into the Jun 13th-14th BB which is currently full. We have some calls out for assistance on that but no telling if it will happen; the orientation folks could not open a spot. Figured it was worth a shot to see if anyone on here might have the 13-14th BB dates and be willing to change to the 15th-16th - it would help us out a lot logistically being from up north. We may just have her go down and hang out on campus a couple days until her session on the 15th -16th - waiting to hear back from housing on if they can extend a room to her for the extra nights. For others future reference if you have a student coming in early for something I did find out she could stay at The Capstone on her own as long as someone 21 checks her in.</p>

<p>Your D might want to post on the Facebook page for incoming frosh and see if someone will switch.</p>