Anyone accepted, but not going?

<p>Hey all-</p>

<p>First of all, congrats on getting in!</p>

<p>I just found out today that I am on the waitlist for CCM (MT). I am very happy, I have some great schools if I don’t get into CCM and if i do, it is icing on the cake!</p>

<p>I was just curious if anyone here was accepted into CCM but is not going (preferably more people that are guys taht got into MT that aren’t going, lol :)). I am trying to see if I even have a chance! LET ME KNOW!</p>


<p>Hey . . . congrats!! I'm still waiting to hear from CCM . . . hopefully I'll hear soon! Again, congrats!!</p>

<p>hey mboi... just to let you know - i called and they let me know over the phone, i talked to someone from CCM admissions. maybe you should try to call and see if they have ure status!!</p>

<p>GOOD LUCK</p>


<p>I think I'll give it a couple more days . . . I called around two weeks ago and they said my application was still being reviewed and that I'd know by April 1st at the very very latest . . . I'd TOTALLY call again, but I don't wanna seem naggy!</p>

<p>Good luck to every one! Hope to see you with me next year if it's the school you want!</p>

<p>I was wait-listed too . . . so we'll see!!</p>

<p>Yeah i got my official letter.. hopefully we get in mboi!!!</p>

<p>W2G, Mattimoo!!! Why didn't you call, you loser???? Fingers crossed for ya!!</p>

<p>My daughter plays the clarinet, auditioned and got in. In fact we were told that she was one of the 5 selected. Someone will be glad to know that they have a place there since my daughter will not be going there in the fall.</p>

<p>hey PRFRMR. I got accepted but I may be going to Michigan instead. I'll keep ya posted- best of luck!</p>

<p>Congratulations Tyler!</p>

<p>PRFRMR is a freshman at CCM. This is a thread that is outdated.</p>

<p>I was waitlisted too. It's KILLING me! haha
It's my top choice. I have heard from my other colleges, and they are all great.
If I don't get into CCM, it won't be the end of the world, because I do have the option of a few other great programs, but CCM has been my "dream school" (to be cliche) for over 2 years now.</p>

<p>It would be AWESOME to get the opportunity to study there.</p>

<p>When I talked to the admissions last, they said we would be informed before May. Well, it's mid-April and I still haven't heard anything.
Hopefully we'll be hearing (good news) sometime next week!</p>

<p>Good luck to all of you!</p>