Anyone accepted Stern RD?

<p>Just wondering, I always assumed that April 1st the decision letters would go out, but Id like to know if anyone got into Stern RD earlier.</p>

<p>Nope, I haven't heard either. I think unless you're exceedingly outstanding from the applicant pool, you won't be notified early. Can't wait XD</p>

<p>So did no one get a likely letter for Stern?</p>

<p>nope, nothing from stern</p>

<p>i got one from dartmouth though..</p>

<p>i am just waitting 15 more days for my rejection letter from NYU....</p>

<p>bump.... anyone...</p>

<p>nope :(</p>

<p>i didnt get anything but i did hear some rumors about people getting them. havent been able to get a confirmation on any of them though.</p>

<p>i heard accepted kids are being invited to some event at NYU</p>