Anyone accepted yet

Anyone find out yet?

Yes son got accepted probably in January or beginning of February.

@ManyXsBlessed‌ is your son a FTF or a transfer? I applied on November 4th, my status still remains " your admission have been received and your application is ready for review." The waiting sucks lol.

Mine says incomplete because my school sent out the transcripts late
I’m a transfer from a csu btw

Have you guys heard anything from fresno yet? I haven’t. I checked there admissions deadlines and the 15th was acceptance of admission decision online.

Mine was dropped because I guess my transcripts never got there and now I’m appealing it

wow that sucks. The same situation happen to me when i first sent my first transcript, which became lost and i had to send a second one. Now my just waiting for approval or denied. Good Luck on your situation. I would like to hear what happen next after you appeal.

I’m sorry I did not come back to this post until now. Yes, FTF. Have you heard anything yet?