Anyone admitted? Dance audition?

<p>We just returned from a weekend at Butler. My daughter had her audition for the ballet major there - it requires dual acceptance, both to the university and the major. Just wondering if anyone else has been admitted to either the university or the ballet program? She applied EA and got her acceptance already with a nice scholarship to boot. Now we wait nervously to find out her audition results!</p>

<p>Had a nice campus tour, went to an admitted student reception prior to the basketball game, and then the game. My daughter loved attending the game and seeing the terrific school spirit! The only negative of the weekend was the disappointing freshman dorms which haven't been updated in a while. They are not as nice as you would expect for the tuition they charge! No air conditioning, which the male tour guide said wasn't a problem, but 3 freshman girls we spoke to said it was miserable!</p>

<p>Dorms aside, it is a terrific campus and a really nice school. Fingers crossed on the dance acceptance!</p>

<p>Hope to hear from other families about their thoughts, results, etc....!</p>

<p>My son was accepted and invited to come compete for a business scholarship. If he got the highest business scholarship available (along with the other scholarship they awarded him), then Butler would be in the same general price range as the other schools he's considering.</p>

<p>I am not sure, however, that he will even go to the scholarship weekend. We visited 3 years ago for my daughter and he really liked the campus then, and he loves their basketball team. He really thinks he wants a bigger school, however, and will probably choose btw Ohio State and Miami U.</p>

<p>We really thought Butler was great though, and loved the location.</p>

<p>Good luck to your daughter!!</p>

<p>My daughter was also admitted with a scholarship. We visited early in the college search, and need to get back for one of the admitted student events. She really liked the campus, the people and the programs. We heard about the lack of AC also; not a deal breaker since it's only a couple of months freshmen year, but still a bummer. She was also concerned with the male/female ratio.
On paper it seems like a great fit. We are OOS and it's not high on the radar here unless you are a basketball fan. So I'm looking for as much personal feedback as possible. Any feedback on prominence of Greek life? Do kids go into downtown Indy for events/nightlife? Accessible professors? How is the career center?
Thank you to anyone who can provide any insight!</p>