Anyone apply,accepted to Old Dominion University.

<p>I need a ball park estimate of the credentials of recent classes at ODU. I know it says online the acceptance rate is 75% but I need solid numbers from real people you know? It seems like everywhere it feels like they try to make it sound like a hard school to get into. I would just appreciate the some info. Thank and have a good one.</p>

<p>If available, the Common Data Set for the college is the best place to get admissions information; here is ODs 2011/12 CDS:</p>

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<p>Look at Part C, freshmen admission.</p>

<p>Its not the toughest, but getting tougher every year to get in. If you have a B average and a decent school record you should be accepted. If you are very active in school and have great recommendations you may get in with a low B, but thats getting much less common.</p>

<p>It’s not hard to get in (I attend ODU because of the natural sciences and proximity to water since my major is oceanography). But it is difficult to do well and stay in, because it is no less difficult than the other 20K+ population science/business schools such as Virginia Tech, etc. Almost every program at ODU–that is, every College at ODU–has its own requirements for entry. So while you may be accepted into the school and you may want to major in Nursing, getting accepted into your actual program is sometimes cut-throat. Nursing students often change schools if they have less than a 3.7, because that’s the minimum to get in. </p>

<p>So while it is not a difficult or “prestigious” school in the likes of UVA and such, I chose mostly because of the location and the convenience (not to mention the cost, since it is fairly cheap compared to every other large research university in VA). If you were to attend, you would get a great education for your money.</p>