Anyone apply for or in the Honors Institute?

<p>DS got a Invite to apply for the Honors Institute. I'm wondering if anyone has applied or knows someone who is in honors. It sounds worthwhile.</p>

<p>DS also got an invite. Hasn't applied yet though. Came looking for more info about it and wondering about the housing part as well.</p>

<p>I was a little thrown by the seven essay questions, but then after rereading saw the total word count so I guess that's not so bad. Don't know what the kid will think though :)</p>

<p>When I saw the 7 questions I thought DS wouldn't be too thrilled about it. He's answered some of those questions in other essays. However the word count on those is too long to use.:(</p>

<p>Although my DS isn't doing the honors college he just started at Mich Tech in Jan. He is really loving it. He likes his professors, his friends who live on his part of the hall and all the activities at the school. He had been elsewhere for school and just transferred. He says these are his people. I'm so glad we went to visit the school. He isn't an outdoorsy guy and now is doing all kinds of hiking, watching the broomball games and planning on taking advantage of their ski area.</p>

<p>Stacey - that's good to hear. Not too many comments on CC about MTU.</p>

<p>I know-not much feedback. We visited twice though and heard about it from a counselor. DS had some trouble with school and now has settled in and so far so good. It helps that he really likes the people there. Very down to earth and have been so willing to pull him into activities.</p>

<p>Staceys3 - I would love to correspond with you and hear more about MTU. My son is very serious about this school. We can't visit until December or March, but he wants to go...sight unseen.</p>