Anyone apply or get accepted??

<p>Anyone out their thinking of or going to Wells???</p>

<p>Wells received over 1,000 applications. Is anyone out there???</p>

<p>Hi, I'm Oren. Wells accepted me and right now is my top choice. I Have up till May first to make my decision, buts its pretty much made up in my mind.</p>

<p>Just received my transfer acceptance today (5/07). Still waiting to hear from Bennington. If I get accepted there, I'll need to consider money and credit transfer.</p>


<p>--haven't been back to this board in a while---</p>

<p>We live about 5 minutes from Bennington College! Let me know if you have any questions about the area etc? Have you made your decision yet?</p>


<p>Hi Oren,
Have you made your decision yet? My daughter is going to Wells. I'll hook her up with the site. </p>


<p>I just got back from the mailbox, and no word yet from Bennington (5/18). They said they'd reply sometime this week or next, so I just need to sit on this anticipation. I'm skeptical at this point...and slightly annoyed. I mailed my Bennington application 4/01 and interviewed on 4/22 and I still haven't heard back. Wells, on the other hand, sent my acceptance approx. two weeks after I submitted my application (in a thin envelope, too).</p>

<p>If I do get accepted to Bennington, I'll need to make a trip. I've never visited either school, so I need to be sure I'm making the right decision. I have this feeling that I'll be happier at Wells, but I can't explain why. Maybe fate will make the decision for me, and I'll get my rejection letter (soon, please). I'm just tired of waiting...I want to know where I'm going.</p>

I've been to Wells twice, once for an application day and another time
(4 days) for their Leadership Conference. My Mom went with me to the app. day. The campus has a very friendly atmosphere. The Financial Aid, Admission Staff, etc are always great. I've met several professors & students. Everybody I've met really seems to be dedicated to the college and the students. People are always saying how accessable the profs are. If you're looking for individual attention, you'll get it at Wells.<br>
Aurora is a very small town, lots of big, beautiful, old houses. There's a pizza place, small drug/ grocery store, an inn and the lake. However, about 30 min. away is Ithica (great college town. pop. apx. 30,000) and about 10-15 min. away is Auburn (pop. apx. 20,000. Blockbuster, Walmart, and anything else you'll need.) They have vans going to both towns quite often. They also have a co-registration with Cornell & Ithica college.
Many of the buildings are brick & ivy covered. The Lake is directly across from campus. Dorms are nice, they were voted "Dorms Like Palaces" by Princeton Review. If you're looking to build a resume and/or work experience in college (like me) Wells offers a lot of opportunity for internships.
As for Bennington, well...
(remember, I live 5 minutes away.) Unless you're acustomed to living in a small town, in a small area you fight get a little stir-crazy. Bennington's pop is 9,000. The Walmart is very small, there isn't a Target or shopping mall. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to go anywhere that offers more.
Most Bennington Students are arts-focused, many from wealthy families. Like any campus, there's diversity. All of the students I've ever seen/met are very quirky. Unless you're into Arts or planning to enter an Art-Related field, I wouldn't recommend Bennington College.<br>
I was wait-listed at Smith, decided to get off because I didn't want to be waiting around with everything up-in-the-air. So, I can understand your frustration. I hope you hear soon. Let me know if you have any other questions I might be able to answer. </p>

<p>Best of Luck,
Eliza (posting under my mom's screen-name)<br>
Do you have an interest in Asian/East Asian Studies? I'm hoping to minor in it. Just wondering (because of your screen name.)</p>

<p>Bennington has the advantage of having the MAT program. I'm kind of concerned that the Wells students (and I don't know why I think this) will be unconditionally cheery.</p>

<p>Wells has the exchange with Cornell, and Bennington has an exchange with Williams. In that respect, they're pretty much equal, with Bennington having the slight advantage (top LAC vs. impersonal university). The only thing that really excites me about these exchanges is that I'll have the opportunity to see what I'm missing by not going to a top ranked school.</p>

<p>If I do indeed have a choice to make, I'll have to visit. There's only so much I can learn from my house. I will have more freedom in choosing my classes at Bennington, as they have no core requirements. I will simply fulfill whatever standard courses are required to attain my teaching certification, and the rest are up to my choosing.</p>

<p>Everyone I have spoken to at Wells has been very helpful and friendly. I am not happy about having to wait this long for a decision from Bennington. I'll be sure to update on the situation. I could be interested in Asian Studies, but I haven't had any exposure to the subject. The Karma Fairy is just a mischievous little nymph who enjoys ironic punishment.</p>

<p>Just got my rejection from Bennington, so I'll be going to Wells. That made the choice easy ;-)</p>

<p>hey every1. name;s cymone. i go to preston high school in the bronx. what's everyone's planned major? i'm thinking about doing either international relations or independent study. is anyone from the nyc area?
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