<p>i applied as a transfer FALL 07 to UCB, UCLA, UCSD from a CC. As of the Spring semester i have a total of 58 units. I have completed all of my major prereqs and IGETC. I also have AP credit in calculus ab & bc, and biology. Am i fine, or should i be worried?</p>

<p>you should be worried. ALL UC's have a minimum requirement of 60 units. Especially if you applied as a junior transfer. I don't mean to scare you or anything. Why not take a late start class? At least for my CCC, they haven't started yet. Who cares what it is as long as it transfers.</p>

<p>why did i even do AP in hs then, if it does not count toward anything?</p>

<p>oh, your AP's do count! did you send them to your CCC?? then you'll have enough to leave your CCC (IGETC if it works) and then you send your AP scores (+3) to the UC's, but your CCC needs to see that you did it too, so you can safely send it to the UC's without them wondering where you got it from.</p>

<p>yeah, sorry, i kind of missed that second part. I assumed that your CCC has your AP's on file and gave you credit. I suggest you do that.</p>

<p>I think you guys misinterpreted lacity. If you mean when you applied initially you had 58 units you are fine, i barely applied with 41, i have 48 past winter and will complete 61 past spring. </p>


<p>If you mean ull barely have 58 when you are finished with spring, you are screwed, it's almost certainly to late to update your application for fall 08 to your schools and they will reject you. You absolutely must project to have finished 60 units during spring.</p>

<p>THANKS xleper for replying =), you have just relieved a lot of stress i have been having. When i have the 58, i completed the IGETC and my prereqs without using any of the AP credits. So if i add ap credit i would easily have 60+. IS there a rule that all 60 units have to be done at the CC or another institution?</p>

<p>nope, that's not a rule! =) just call college board and have them send those scores ASAP! I got my AP US History score to top off my 60 units. but then I realized I was taking an extra class... so I'm leaving with 60 CCC units and 3 AP units. but these don't matter.</p>

<p>remember, once you get accepted to whatever UC, you must re-send your AP scores to them. The only reason to send your AP scores to your CCC is for IGETC certification. However, some schools also require at least 60 units for you to officially transfer, I don't know how this works but I've heard of this.</p>

<p>the aps are self reported so if you put them on your app the ucs will count them automatically towards your 60 even if your cc doesnt know about them.</p>

<p>you only have to send in your ap scores if you get into a school</p>

<p>omg thanks hotelmoscow. RCHANG (btw i actually do have 58 as of NOW) scared me when i read her post. On the UC FAQ on the front page it says:</p>

<p>8.Can I transfer in 1 year instead of 2?
Yes, as long as you can complete 60 units and finish the major prereq's. This is most probable if you have lots of ap units to cover your 60 units and the number of classes required by your major is not many. For example, it would be much harder for an engineer major to transfer in 1 year due to the amount of classes an engineer major needs to take.</p>

<p>I keep thinking why wouldnt this work? But some ppl keep telling me, i will get rejected, so now im freakin scared until i get any type of notice.</p>

<p>For anyone else that needs to know, it actually varies from UC to UC. Some UCs like UCSC will let you take up to 2 summer courses prior to fall semester. </p>

<p>"No more than two courses may be completed in a summer term prior to fall transfer if those units are needed to reach the 60 semester/90 quarter unit minimum needed for eligibility. Courses to meet the English composition requirement, mathematics requirement, and other four-course requirement may not be completed in the summer term prior to fall transfer." -UCSC website.</p>

<h2>Other UCs are really strict on the 60 units after spring semester though.</h2>

<p>I read that you're fine though. YAY AP credits.</p>