Anyone Apply?

<p>Hey guys.</p>

<p>Anyone apply to WWC this year?
I did just because I think their program is fabulous and it seems like such an interesting place.
Am I crazy or did anyone else think about WWC?</p>

I actually applied last year. I got in, and i deferred my admission. So i will be attending Warren Wilson in the fall of this year. I'm excited. I totally agree that their program seems awesome! And i visited last year and it is such an interesting place, as you said. The people there are so friendly!
You're definatly not crazy.
How is the process going for you?</p>

Yeah I'm still waiting for a decision... I applied at the end on January, so I should have one by now but I think I will wait another week or two because I'm sure they've been busy...
I'm oretty confident that I will get in because my stats are high for WWC. It's kind of my "safetly school," but it's still a great place.
What do you plan on studying there? (major)</p>

<p>yeah, i'm not sure when they usually send out their notices. They have a date on the web page that says 'regular decision notification' and they have one that says 'general application deadline'. last year when i applied, i didn't even send my app in until march. so... not sure when you'll hear back. But really, as you said, i'm sure you'll get in.</p>

<p>I'm planning on majoring in Outdoor Leadership. What about you? what are you interested in?</p>

<p>International Relations and Political Science. I may also make use of the Environmental Science classes there...</p>

<p>Just got my acceptance letter.. yay. lol...
Don't know if I'll go though, yet... still waiting for april decisions.</p>

<p>Well congratulations!
its exciting though. Where else are you waiting to hear from?</p>

<p>Brown, Gtown, Wes. U, Emory and Kenyon... lol</p>