Anyone applying in Industrial Design

I applied for the design program.
Eagerly waiting.

I applied as well at SJSU, but don’t like the “gamble”.
I already did my 2 years at CC. Now they want me to hop in as a pre design major, take two semesters and apply as industrial design major. A 4 year program. There is a chance I may not make the industrial design program and then have to apply again after a few semesters of taking “other” courses. There is a slight chance that I’ll end up getting my BA in design studio, which is pretty useless, especially for a 4 year degree.

Instead, I accepted SFSU. Which is a BS instead of a BA. Which will allow me to finish with my bachelors in ID in 2 years, then I can apply for Stanford since they only accept people with a BS.
In 4 years (assuming Stanford accepts me), I not only got my BS in industrial design, I also get my masters of engineering with a concentration in design impact from Stanford.

I’m too old to take a “gamble” (I’ll be 28 in the fall 2019 year). I already have a solid portfolio, and freelance as a designer. I don’t do trial periods to “maybe” get in. Either I apply to your ID program and get in to ID, or I don’t.

The whole SJSU program just irks me. They have a great ID program, make some great students. But they should just require portfolios right off the bat for people who want to major in ID, and not dilly daddle with peoples lives.

I got into SJSU design studies…HBU?