anyone applying to oxbridge?

<p>or any other UK unis? The admissions process is so different.</p>

<p>Oxbridge, or in fact any other British university, don't generally accept applicants for medicine from the States for some reason, preferring instead applicants from Commonwealth countries, or countries in which provision for medical education is inadequate or lacking. Also, differences in the education systems of both countries mean that US applicants straight from high school would not fulfil matriculation requirements for entry to medical school - compulsory education in the UK finishes at age 16, those who continue with their education begin specialisation at this age and study 3 subjects at an advanced level relevent to the degree course they wish to do at university. In this respect one can see why Commonwealth applicants are preferred since most Commonwealth countries follow the British system of education.</p>

<p>ah yes. that sounds about right. While I'm a US citizen I'm not actually applying from the states tho ;), and I do follow the Brit education system.</p>

<p>Thank you, it's stressful tho. I wish more people were applying to the UK for med.</p>