Anyone attending in the fall?

<p>My son received a 14,500 merit award but we are concerned about the location. Why isn't anyone posting comments about LaSalle?</p>

<p>unfortunately, there have never been a lot of posts on the thread. my son is a sophmore at lasalle and loves the school. feel free to message me.</p>

<p>My D also is seriously considering this school but I am concerned about the location. She is coming from a very suburban area with very little street smarts. Can anyone provide some insight into the safety on and off campus. She is interested in business and it seems strong there, any comments?</p>

<p>Thanks for commenting. Maybe we can start some good discussions going on La Salle.</p>

<p>My daughter is a sophomore. We are also from a suburban neighborhood. She assures me that she is very safe on La Salle's campus. As in any urban environment, she takes reasonable precautions any time she goes off campus (use the shuttle, don't walk with cell phone, ipod on display, etc.).</p>

<p>my son is a sophmore. lived on campus last year in the dorms and is off campus about a block away this year. has had very little problems. security on campus is good. of course you must take the usual precautions and not travel alone at night, but i think this is anywhere. most crimes (as I read the blotter) are kids coming home from parties, etc. chatting on cell phones and they are grabbed. he was able to ride the subway, go to center city, etc. no worries. off campus you need to know who is in your house. some small items taken during parties, friends of friends in your room etc but again could happen in any location.</p>

<p>the school academically is good. don't know about business as he is in medical field, studying nutrition. night life is good, plenty to do, and a nice group of people. size of the school was very appealing to us, didn't want something huge where you become a number. professors know you here and there is usually plenty of tutoring available. he is happy there which is the main thing.</p>

<p>Thanks for the insights. Is it common for sophmores to not live in campus housing? Just wondering why your son is doing so? Were the dorms subpar, I've yet to see a great dorm situation but most are tolerable for a few years. Also, how did the dining work out? It seems that the dining location is not real close to the dorms. How did that work out on cold winter days?</p>

<p>My son is in a fraternity so a group of the fraternity guys wanted to rent a place on their own. It is primarily for the freedom, etc. Next year they may be getting a house on campus and moving back. I think most kids spend at least two years on campus and there are plenty of options as far as apartments, townhouses, etc. if you don't want to live off. The dorms are fine, but noisy and kids walk in and out of each other's rooms. Real studying needs to be done in the library for the most part.</p>

<p>As far as the dining, Blue and Gold Dining room is fairly close to the North Halls, which seem to house a lot of freshman. My son prefers Tree Tops, so that is a bit of a walk, or you can take the shuttle. He also has a car so sometimes drives over. He likes the food but mainly eats chicken wraps which they have at Tree Tops. He is not a big fan of the dining room. We got the unlimited food plan as I didn't want to worry about him calculating meals. He eats several times a day, lifts weights, etc.</p>

<p>You can have your daughter go and spend a day in the classes she is planning on majoring in and she will get a better sense of whether the school seems right for her. </p>

<p>good luck. it is a nerve racking time. will be doing it again when my younger son has to look in three years.</p>

<p>My daughter (sophomore) has lived in St. Basil's on South Campus for both years. She plans on staying there next year, too, even though she would qualify for a townhouse or apt. as a junior. Basil's is next to Tree Tops, and I think it has a reputation for being quieter than dorms on North Campus (near Blue & Gold Dining Room). Most of Basil's dorms are suite style -- 2 traditional type dorms share a private entry and bathroom. They seem pretty comfortable as far as dorms go...But I don't know housing hierarchy...Most freshman seem to start in North dorms, I think.</p>