Anyone awake?

<p>anyone awake finishing apps? Come take a distraction with me!</p>

<p>unfortunately still awake but cannot afford distraction</p>

<p>haha me neither.. but o well- what do you ahve left?</p>

<p>just worrying whether or not my essays actually have a point</p>

<p>haha i know the feeling</p>

<p>...Why haven't I made any progress on this essay?</p>

<p>how much do you have left?
i really hate this 60 second rule</p>

<p> must be like 2 am in ny...what are you on to be able to stay awake?</p>

<p>it's actually 1 (daylight savings)... I am unfortuneately up this late, if not later every night... where r u from?</p>

<p>It's 1 AM, because it's in the same time zone as T</p>

<p>i'm from AZ, so it's 11 and we do not have daylight savings time</p>

<p>ooh that bites the big one.... i love az- so pretty</p>

<p>not in the summer when the sun in shining in your eyes at 5 am</p>

<p>haha- alaska's worse</p>

<p>good luck guys.</p>