Anyone been addmitted yet?

<p>I applied early november and i was wondering when i should be hearing back. I'm also interested if anyone has been addmitted yet?</p>


<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>come on i really need this information.</p>

<p>Im thinking if no one responded then no one has heard......</p>

<p>that's probably a good bet.</p>

<p>I applied late Nov. and I got a letter back today. I got in. =D</p>

<p>that's great news! what is you gpa and sat?</p>

<p>I applied early - mid november and got a letter on christmas eve saying I got in.</p>

<p>My friend applied in early October and got her acceptance on the 21st of December.</p>

<p>hey accepted students!
What were your SAT and GPA?

<p>anymore acceptances?</p>

<p>I just called, they said I would hear back by Jan 15</p>

<p>did they say if it was going to be online or in the mail?</p>

<p>accepted via mail today!
Stats: Gpa-3.45
Sat-1140/1600, 1630/2400</p>

<p>any scholarships yet?</p>

<p>I got my acceptance December 5th
Last week I got offered $3,000 a year if I decide to go to Salisbury.
GPA UW: 3.79
GPA W: 4.19


<p>Salisbury is my last choice.</p>

<p>I didn't even know Salisbury had a forum! Whoa.</p>

<p>I applied 11/19 and got in 12/15.
GPA: 3.57 UW 3.93 W
1910/2400. 1220/1600. SAT.
28 ACT</p>

<p>1/30 got a 3k scholarship.
~1/15ish I applied for honors after getting an invitation. Got in today.</p>

<p>Anyone know anything about honors?
Salisbury was pretty much my last choice but I'm think about going there more now...</p>

<p>Got accepted recently</p>

<p>GPA UW : 3.28
W: 3.5</p>

<p>SAT : 1600/2400 - 1100/1600</p>

<p>I sent my application on like Jan 14/15 and got a acceptance letter on Feb 1st. :) </p>

<p>UW GPA= 3.5
Weighted= 3.75
SAT= 1530/2400</p>