Anyone been offered a spot from the Waitlist yet?

Just checking if anyone has been notified of a spot from the waitlist. I know it can happen all the way through the start of school, but wondering if they have tapped into it already. I have heard many schools start picking their favorite waitlisters the week before May 1 to grab them up before someone else does. Makes good sense, but who knows if it’s true. Let me know if anyone hears anything and if you have, how were you notified? Phone? Mail? Email? Thanks!

Is there a chance of getting Merit Scholarships from the waitlist.

@wakey1 I don’t think so but I don’t know for sure.
@Ellie456 It has been awfully quiet here. Makes me nervous thinking they might not be talking anyone or they are only taking a few.

According to WF admissions, IF they take anybody from the wait list it is typically right around now (start of May) and/or June 1- they don’t start before May 1. Haven’t heard anything in the wind yet, but wouldn’t be surprised if some go out this afternoon or (more likely) Monday.

Typically, Merit money is designed to encourage high stats students to attend, and goes out in the first round of offers.

WF Admissions issued an update today: