Anyone can advise on our dilemma - RPI/AMC 7 year (or) UMKC 6 year

With a scholarship, the total program cost between 2 of these is a wash. Dottie prefers RPI/AMC as its NOT as rushed as UMKC 6 year. However, there are 2 sticky points with RPI/AMC -

  1. AMC’s ranking is lower than UMKC
  2. Keeping grades at RPI seems hard. (UMKC needs 2.8 grade maintenance Vs 3.5 for AMC)
    Any insights anyone can provide would be very helpful! Thanks in advance.

The first point makes no difference. The second one does. You can define UMKC as “rushed” or you can see it as a chance to skip a few of the classes that were litmus tests that no one ever uses in practice. My vote is for UMKC. The cost difference is substantial too. Not only are there fewer school years to pay for, there are fewer lost years of income.


My son is a 2nd year student at UMKC BS/MD program and I can tell that maintaining that grade ins’t too challenging especially if the students have a solid plan.

By any chance, are you from IL (Vernon Hills area)? My son is on a 1 week break between the terms in the 2nd year and is at home. Happy to connect your daughter with my son to answer any questions she might be having on the UMKC program.

Thanks for the response. UMKC seems to have the lowest overall cost despite a 80% scholarship at RPI towards undergrad.

A 3.5 cutoff at RPI is no joke. It is not a grade-inflated school! I understand the concern about the pace, but I would worry that the rigor and grade-pressure at RPI would cancel out the benefits of being less “rushed.” I agree with eyemgh’s assessment.