anyone comparative lit. major at UCLA?

<p>I got admitted to UCLA's comparative lit program as a transfer student and I just have few question about their program. I know that on the department's website, they state the core courses focused on cultural philosophy, psychological, and political areas, and I was wondering are there any media or theatrical based courses studied? (the course catalog lists some classes regarding these course but I'm not sure if these classes would be offered year long).. and how are the classes managed? Is it easy to contact the professors individually? I would really want someone to help me out!! Thanks :)</p>

<p>I'm not sure what is meant by "core courses". As a comparative literature major, the only specific upper division course you are required to take is Comparative Literature 100. Other than Comp. Lit 100, you have the freedom to elect any literature courses that are offered in the Comparative Literature department, and in the two other language literature departments you plan to fulfill your major with. </p>

<p>I also don't know what you mean by media and theatrical based course studies. Comp. Lit is a literature major, not a film/media or theater major. If I am to understand that you are interested in media/theater as topics in literature, you will tend to find a lot of the English department electives offering this. Such is the case with a course like "Screenplay Adaptation" which was offered as English 118 during the Fall 2010 quarter. Also many literature courses are not predictable. Some literature courses stick to only reading novels, some literature courses combine films into it, some literature courses combine drama/plays in to the course, some combine all three. You will generally not know what the course will consist of unless you go to class the first day, read the course descriptions of the classes actually offered(not necessarily the ones in the course catalog), and by looking at the textbooks list before enrolling.</p>

<p>Also, not every class in the course catalog is offered on a regular basis. The ones offered tend to be varied but if you browse on Schedule</a> of Classes Home Page you can generally get an idea of what is offered on a regular basis each year.</p>