Anyone Deferred?

<p>Hey! I applied ED, and was deferred. They said they would notify me by yesterday, and now I’m freaking out! For ED, the people who got the letters before me got in, and I didn’t…did anyone receive their letter?? Anyone know the odds of me being accepted??</p>

<p>Sorry I have no concrete info other than to say I am surprised they said they would notify you this soon. I would have assumed you would hear at the same time as the regular decision kids, in three weeks or so.</p>

<p>As for chances, I suppose it depends upon the strength of the RD pool of applicants. I imagine they needed a better picture of how you would fit in with the new class of admitted students.</p>

<p>Best to you! I do hope you hear soooonnnn!!!</p>

<p>My DD was deferred and then admitted. Barnard doesn't want to take all its students ED and leave no room for RD admits. One major reason she was deferred is because there are so many women applying from LI. All ended well, and she is a happy Barnard junior.</p>

<p>Sorry the waiting is hard, but there's nothing to do about it but be patient.</p>

<p>She was notified 3/26 with the regular RD round.</p>

<p>I think that Mythmom is correct. In past years it seems as it the deferred students were notified with the RD applicants.</p>

<p>I was deferred as well and what they told me in the admissions office was that I would be receiving my decision at the same time everyone else heard RD. Also, the woman told me that there is about a 50% chance of getting in if you are deferred and that they do not defer anyone they could see getting in and fitting in at Barnard.</p>

<p>That being said, kind of a delayed response on that topic. But good luck nonetheless!</p>