Anyone done with their apps yet?

<p>Just out of curiosity... excluding the early action applicants, whats your progress on the Stanford applications?</p>

<p>As for me, I'm barely like 25% done =P.</p>


<p>submitting mine today...since mine has an arts supplement to go with it, I have a Dec 1st deadline. :-S
SO unfair.</p>

<p>i finished...but i'm not 100% happy with it =/</p>

<p>just submitted

<p>Aww the art supplement does seem unfair. But think about it this way - you're apps will be one of the first ones the adcoms will see, instead of the 1000th one (well, if you ignore the SCEAs). And besides, with the art supplement, you are showing more than the regular applicants are showing (which is just numbers and essays), so you definitely have a better chance than us!</p>

<p>I just spent all day brainstorming about my essay topics, and now I have a massive headache =(.</p>

<p>I have like... five more applications to do, and I was able to take the essay count down to eight. :/ I figure that four of them I could write one essay for, and three are short answers, but still.</p>

<p>I HAVE... 8 more essays to write. and that's with reusing some. i hate my life LOL.</p>

<p>ah the supplement for stanford is amazingly hard... i can't lie. best of luck to the non-EAers.</p>

<p>For the essays, is it understood that they should be written in a formal style? I mean, average conversation-like structures (to add to a comedic tone) are not frowned upon, are they?</p>

<p>If they are frowned upon, then its back to square one for me - brainstorming T.T</p>

<p>^i think that if they portray your personality, its fine. i stuck puns in mine loool.</p>

<p>With the main Common App part, I'm just about finished, all I need are my recommendations and a few pieces here and there.</p>

<p>It's those essays that have been taking me forever. Perhaps the importance of them are making me freeze.</p>

<p>These things have to be the best pieces of work I have ever written in my whole seventeen years of existence, all 250-300 words each.</p>

<p>one more of those silly supplement essays. and then i'm freaking calling it a day. i'm an international student, so even if i somehow miraculously get in, i don't get any financial aid. so stanford really is not one of my top priorities.</p>

<p>Umm. I took some major risks with mine. Hoping they pay off.</p>

<p>... I have I don't know maybe 6 more essays to write..............................</p>