anyone else accepted to College Park Scholars?

<p>what programs do you think you want to do? I am interested by the International Studies program :)</p>

<p>I did but I'm confused as to what it is, is it honors college? Is it the Banneker/Key stuff? Do I have chances at scholarships? Help!</p>

<p>It is not the honors college or for scholarships. It is a living and learning program offered on campus where you take classes and live with people with similar interests to you. There is more information here:</p>

<p>College</a> Park Scholars at the University of Maryland</p>

<p>Did you already hear about your admission decision then?? I haven't heard anything... I thought we don't hear until 5pm..??</p>

<p>yes I did! Did you check at the bottom of the main page when you enter the student portal? that is where mine was! there is a link that you click that brings up another window with the letter :)</p>

<p>I really like The business one and the public leadership one!sad that we can only choose one :(</p>

<p>yeah! there are three now that I really like! I think I will choose international studies because it is different from my major in environmental science. Most of them have an environmental component so I might consider them but I will wait until the information comes in the mail!</p>

<p>I was invited to Scholars! But apparently, we have to reserve a space for ourselves in a program by February 17th, which is really soon. I think I'll go for Media, Self, and Society because I'm majoring in Anthropology, but I'm not sure yet.</p>

<p>they are going to be sending us more information so hopefully that will make the decision easier!</p>

<p>so are we gunna get scholarships if we were admitted into scholars or no?</p>

<p>I don't think that we will definitely get a scholarship but there may be special ones?</p>

<p>did anyone here get into scholars but didnt get into their major? im really confused because i didnt even apply early action and i got my letter today, but im not sure what to do!!</p>

<p>Yup, got in too. I'm also Anthropology, and I think I'll go for the International House. That sounds really cool.</p>

<p>i got in too, so sicced, idk what to major in though...</p>

<p>yep!!! I am looking at the sciences ones and the international studies they all look so awesome!</p>

<p>agreed! I pretty much told my parents I am going no matter what :)</p>

<p>wohoo so excited! my major, as of now, is psychology but i really want to double major in Behavioral and Community Health. i can't choose which scholars program they're all so good! but so far im leaning towards international studies</p>

<p>I just submitted my interest form for scholars and put international studies as my top choice!</p>