Anyone else applying?

<p>Is anyone else applying to Wells? It is one of my top choices. Loved the campus and everyone seemed really friendly.</p>

<p>How does everyone feel about the co-ed decision? When I first looked at Wells a few years ago, I didn't know they were going to make the switch, and now that I know, I'm still interested. While I would have liked the all-women environment, I don't think it will hurt to have a few guys around. I do not agree with how the administration went about it, though. They should have waited four years or so for all of the girls that wanted a single-sex education to graduate. But if Wells were really THAT close to closing the school, then I think it's okay.</p>

<p>Are there any Wells students out there that can tell us their opinions of the school? I noticed that Wells made Princeton Review's top 20 list of "Is It Food?". The food looked okay to me when we walked through the dining hall. Is it really that bad? And also the "Long Lines And Red Tape". I assume this is because of the decision to go co-ed. Is there more to it than that? The library was a bit small so I can understand it being on the "This is a Library?" list, but at least you have access to Cornell's library, which is supposed to be amazing.</p>

<p>Okay, I think I'm done now. I'm just very excited about Wells and I'd like to know as much about it as possible!</p>