Anyone else deferred/rejected and completely unmotivated?

<p>I got deferred. I don't feel like doing my homework. I don't feel like going to school tomorrow.</p>

<p>The deferral isn't that painful because I did things that I thoroughly enjoyed throughout high school. I didn't do things just for Harvard. But still... I really wanted to go. And now having to wait months while my friends celebrate their EA acceptances is extremely disheartening.</p>

<p>3.8% RD acceptance rate... depressing</p>

<p>I don't know what the point of this thread is and I know I sound like a little *****... and I know I'm likely going to lead a successful life even if I get rejected to Harvard RD (which is the most likely outcome)... but still... feels bad man. Any advice? Really not looking forward to submitting other apps :/</p>

<p>I’m SO with you. I am feeling so freaking depressed, because I have literally wanted to go to Harvard for as long as I can remember. And I know that’s not enough, and I’m sure the people that got in deserved it, but just…I don’t know how to say it. And my main reason for not wanting to do other apps is because I honestly don’t wanna go anywhere else. This will be a problem…</p>

<p>I’m trying not to be really bitter looking at the stats of those accepted.
So hard to resist that urge. </p>

<p>Don’t want to be that guy that complains about AA, but gah, I’m getting close.
Seems like this year,
Essays/impressive internships/etc. > Test scores/GPA</p>

<p>Not angry, just saying. (who am I kidding, yes I am ;_; )</p>

<p>@amontobin If AA happened this year, it certainly skipped over me and my 2360 and went straight for the 2050s…So please don’t complain.</p>

<p>I got deferred. This has been a dream of mine and forever and I feel as though I’ve failed. I am praying that I get accepted in March.</p>

<p>@shelly318 It skipped over my 36 (36 E, M, R, S, 12 essay).</p>

<p>Sorry for being so angry, really just wanted to get this college business over with today and not in the spring.</p>

<p>Best of luck to everyone, though.</p>

<p>Shelly, you will get to attend a first rate institute of learning and they will must likely be overjoyed to have you. All this angst will be forgotten come March. I hope your performance for four hours on a random Saturday does not give you cause to condescend for the wonderful years yet to come. I’m sure you are a wonderful human being, I only wish you would put some thought or effort towards portraying yourself as one. If you are finding my sentiments hard to follow, it is because I received a 2050. I could have a 2200+ translate it into something closer to your plane of rhetoric. This is not personal, just a general rant, please forgive my excessive rebuke.</p>

<p>@Rubbish I am sorry if I came off as condescending!! I really didn’t mean to, and maybe you took it the wrong way. So, forgive me, my comment was probably unnecessary. I guess I’m just devastated. I was angry at the people in the Harvard SCEA discussion thread who were making affirmative action seem like such a huge force and blaming all the African-Americans who were admitted with 2050s for their deferrals. I was just trying to point out to them that affirmative action really isn’t as far-reaching as they think and that not all minorities with reasonably good scores automatically get into places like Harvard.</p>

<p>Deferred here. Don’t even know what to do now.</p>

<p>Do we still have to send in mid-year reports? What the heck happens now…? Never seriously considered it until today…</p>

<p>Deferred…so sad :(</p>

<p>Keep your heads up, guys; you still got another shot in RD. And even if you don’t get into Harvard, it’s not because you weren’t smart enough. More likely than not, the admissions officers probably just because they felt other applicants would fit in better with the school’s culture, atmosphere, vibe, etc. than you (and believe me, every school has its unique vibe). That’s just something you can’t magically change for your application and something you wouldn’t want to change–going to college (even one like Harvard) when you feel like you don’t belong would be such a painful experience.</p>

<p>And for what it’s worth, I was deferred by Harvard last year (waitlisted RD, ultimately rejected). I’m loving every minute here at Yale. Everything turned out great for me, and I’m confident the same will hold true for all of you!</p>

<p>You guys should read the book “The Price of Admission” by Daniel Golden (Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter).</p>

<p>Thank you for your kind words, pi.</p>

<p>Good test scores just aren’t very special. You have to stand out if you want an acceptance. It’s too bad that there aren’t enough seats at every first-choice college for the students clearly qualified to attend them, but it is how it is. It sucks, but it is. And the show goes on.</p>

<p>There’s only been one piece of advice that’s stayed with me, that’s made more than a transitory in my life, and it’s this — “Get up. Move forward.”</p>

<p>Whatever the suck, whatever is lost, whatever awaits, this is the only option available, the only way you’ll ever be able to look at your situation with pride. Though today’s a bad day, we have no choice but to rise and prepare ourselves in order to achieve a brighter tomorrow.</p>

<p>The time is coming more quickly than you think where nothing about this moment will matter.</p>

<p>@Shelly318, I intentionally took it in the wrong way to prove a point. I appreciate your kind and civilized response to my post, which was out of line. Been a bit on edge lately, I shouldn’t have expressed it with an unnecessary and incorrect judgement. Anyway, I live near Harvard, and as wonderful as it is, it is not a magical place. There are many other places where a top notch student could be just as, if not more, happy. Shelly, your gracious attitude will serve you well in life. Sorry again</p>

<p>i was deferred :confused: and i had a 2010…but my ECs were very unique i think…i was interviewed by Oprah last year for my non-profit I started and partnered with BoA and Six Flags, etc…i honestly don’t know what to do right now i feel so discouraged…i kind of just applied to harvard just to see what would happen, because i would never know if i never tried.</p>

<p>It’s crazy that they only accept ~100 deferred applicants. Most of the deferred applicants that I’ve met are extremely qualified.</p>

<p>Most of the applicants I have seen are extremely qualified.</p>



<p>This must sound disingenuous coming from a Harvard student but you will soon discover that people who excel before college will excel in college and after college, and the name of the college has nothing to do with that. If you’re proud of your non-profit (and you should be), realize that you already have qualities that enabled you to do something impressive, and those same qualities will make the name brand of your college ultimately less important.</p>

<p>Would submitting a peer rec as an additional rec help? Or does Harvard not consider them?</p>