Anyone else get a humungous course guide from bard?

<p>I received it via mail on Friday…the thing is like 500 pages. T_T</p>

<p>Hopefully this is a good sign? I’d like to think they wouldn’t go through the effort to send me such a massive course guide if they didn’t accept me. But man, I took a cursory read-through, and they’ve got an almost overwhelming variety of courses; I’m considerably more interested in the school than I have been in the past, so if this IS just an opaque marketing tool, then it sure does work…</p>

<p>I would be excited because Bard does not send a lot or any mail. You can never tell though...good luck!</p>

<p>Hi mtngoat1!</p>

<p>My daughter (not the one already at NCF) was accepted to Bard through IDP in November and got the book in December. So I would view it as a good sign, because even after you're accepted they send very little mail.</p>

<p>Hi! I guess NCF prospectives do have some cross-overs...</p>

<p>That's great, though--my confidence has been inflated quite a bit. Does your daughter like Bard? Some of my favorite authors have taught there, and frickin' Chinua Achebe and Orhan Pamuk teach there now! Oh well, I'll try to not let this get to my head, haha...</p>

<p>Yes, she is very interested in Bard. Mostly because of the academics and opportunities to take courses in creative writing and photography, but still major in psychology. It was really nice getting that early acceptance back in's made the college application process this year much less stressful than what her sister went through last year.</p>

<p>She is still strongly considering joining her sister though at NCF next's such a bargain and the profs are so good. She also sees how happy her sister is there, too. I think she just wants to wait to hear from the rest of her schools before she gets too serious about making a decision.</p>

<p>Yeah, Bard's academics are overwhelmingly impressive. Oh man, I just wish I could sleep for the next month and some-odd days until decisions come out...</p>

<p>I was accepted in November and I recieved that course book a few weeks ago, so maybe it's a good sign for you guys?</p>

it'd be an awful waste of paper if not...
i wish i could find more information on the course catalogue!</p>

<p>I got one too. So help me, if they dash the hopes they're heightening with that book... So help me.</p>

<p>^^^after seeing your stats in that other thread, your getting the course guide as well makes me more optimistic about the whole thing...unless, of course, EVERYONE got one, but that really would be a tremendous waste of paper...</p>

<p>also, I just realized I spelled humongous wrong in the title of this thread. oh well, you guys'll have to excuse me; it was late.</p>

<p>well, if it makes you feel better, I did <em>not</em> get one. :)</p>

<p>I called b/c I didn't get one and they said that they are not indicators of anything...everyone was supposed to get one.</p>

<p>why did you have to tell me that...false hope is better than no hope at all, haha.</p>

<p>I guess this long lull before admissions decisions is putting me in a speculative mode. I wonder why Bard would send out nearly 5,000 course catalogs in March when this is easily available online? Has everyone received one? My son did early this week.</p>

<p>I received it in December/January and I was accepted early action
Good luck to the rest of you!</p>

<p>Never got one. Hope it just got lost in the mail... Or else Bard hates me.</p>