Anyone else get an email from UCLA requiring more info?

<p>In an email from UCLA, this is part of what was written:</p>

<p>Before we can complete our review and reach an admission decision, we need an explanation for the gaps in your educational history during the following time period:</p>

<p>18 Months - 03/01/2009 to 09/01/2010</p>

<p>I am afraid. Did I do something wrong? Was I supposed to explain this initially? Will this reflect poorly on me as an applicant and hurt my chances?</p>

<p>I graduated high school in 2010 and so I thought that it was clear that any college course, in my case one phys ed elective, would be seen as something extra and not as me officially enrolling full time and starting college. Since high school graduation I have not taken any gaps and now would consider myself enrolled and full time.</p>

<p>That question is also asked on your application. Did you fill it out or left it blank?</p>

<p>They should see that you were in high school so there wasn't a gap in your college education. Just explain it to them and you will be fine. I can't see how that would hurt you, it seems more like an error on their part.</p>

<p>That's wierd, since you put your graduation date they should know you were still in high school during that time :/</p>